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Need to get your hands on some recipes quick? All Recipes is a great online resource to find cooking ideas in a pinch. They have all sorts of cuisine from dinners to international desserts. Even better, they have links to purchase the ingredients on their site so you don’t need to wonder about what to buy in order to whip up the recipes.


I love All Recipes for a quick fix in any dire cooking situation. You never need to worry about not having something to bring to a party with these guys around!



Awesome Guacamole Recipe

I love a good guacamole recipe; especially when it’s summer time. As always, I like to whip up a few and blog about my favorites. For summer 2017, I have to give it to Not My Mama’s Recipe’s “Knock Your Socks Off Guac!” Why? Well, because it knocked my socks off!

This savory guacamole starts with some fresh and ripe avocados, tomatoes, peppers, salt, and pepper. Blend them all together in a ¬†bowl using fork to gently mash the avocado and there you go! Very easy but delicious guacamole. I personally prefer¬†spicy guacamole so I added some Cholula hot sauce; which was great. Squeeze some fresh lime wedges into the guacamole and add some final whisks and there you go, the best summer appetizer you can ask for. Seriously though, the contributors at Not My Mama’s Recipes really are giving Chipotle a run for their money.


Not My Mama's Recipes | Knock Your Socks Off Guac | Karah Loves Food Blog
Guacamole from the Knock Your Socks Off Guac Recipe on Not My Mama’s Recipes


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